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About AYI:

Applied Yoga Integration is a mobility system that uses yoga postures and remedial joint exercises as both assessment and treatment.  Based on the principles of alignment and the science of movement, AYI is designed to increase flexibility and strength. It is an invaluable tool for rehab and injury prevention.

The 2 day AYI seminar is for all physical/massage therapists, chiros, fitness and yoga professionals. It is a hands on course with a lot of movement to go alongside the lectures.

Over the weekend, you will learn how to integrate yoga into the healing of you patients/clients/students.

Topics for the course include:

  • Hip Centration and Glute Strength
  • SI Joint Dysfunction
  • Posterior Chain Strengthening
  • Arthrokinematics of the Knee
  • Creating Thoracic Extension
  • Shoulder Discomfort and Injury
  • Yogic Breathing and Proper Diaphragm Mechanics



Alignment, or Joint Centration, occurs when there is an equal balance of mobilizers and stabilizers around a joint. This puts the joint in its optimal position and allows all the surrounding structures to function properly.



Yoga is so much more than simply increasing flexibility. The postures challenge us to develop strength and increase our endurance. This enables our tissues to withstand more force and decreases our risk of injury.



Mobility refers to the ability to consciously and intentionally move a muscle or limb through space. When we mobilize an area that was previously stuck, we generate greater tissue health and ease of movement.

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