One Year Later

It has been almost one year since BKS Iyengar passed and it has been one year since my last post.  When I wrote of his death and the beautiful ceremonies that took place in Pune, I had no idea I would not write again for this long.  It was only about one month ago that I first realized how long it had been.

Iyengar TadasanaBeing in Pune for Iyengar’s passing had a profound impact on my life.  As I look back to those days and the depth I felt, my heart is filled with love.  Each breath, each step, each gust of wind was experienced.  In some ways, it was like I was tIMG_1650ouching what he said yoga was; a penetration of awareness into every single cell.

Right now I am in the mountains of northern Japan and the similarities to where I was at this time last year are uncanny.  5 days after Guruji’s passing, with all the ceremonies, the tears and the utter confusion, I had to leave.  I landed in Mahabaleshwar, a hilltop station in the mountains of India.  It was colder than Pune and rainy every day.  I hiked to temples, got soaked in the rain, sat in meditation and prayed.  It was exactly what I needed.

I feel Guruji’s presence in my practice these days.  For the first time since injuring my foot in April and taking 3 rounds of antibiotics, my practice is getting strong again.  I am reminded of how much I love yoga and how devoted to the path I have been for 18 years.  I am learning, teaching, laughing and enjoying the wonderful fruits of the practice.

As far as I know, BKS Iyengar held nothing back in his teachings.  I believe this is true of all great teachers.  They do not hoard the information but make it readily accessible for the people that cross their paths.  I have nowhere near the information or understanding that Guruji had but I will continue to share all that I can with the people whom I come across.

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