New Poses

              I Have Been trying out some new things lately, deeper opening to the potentials of life. This morning, when i woke up and Went to the mat, I felt a sense of boredom with my practice that is all too familiar. I needed something fresh, something new, and was determined to to to create that. Instead of just going-through some routine, I picked up “Light On Yoga” opened to a random page and dedicated my practice to performing the Asana I chose. OH, big mistake !! Well, not really. I opened to a pose named Kasyapasana (Kas-Yap-Asana), a pose I have never done one before and I thought I would be reliable to Accomplished easily.

   Kasyapasana (see picture below) is pretty much a combination of Ardha Baddha padmottanasana and Vasistasana, poses two relatively I am competent at.

             I warmed up mightily over about 60 minute period, doing some sun salutations, headstand, and the Aforementioned poses. When it came time to perform Kasyapasana, I felt pretty confident ……. That is, until, I actually tried it. I Could not grab my foot, my balance was way off and I’m pretty sure I woke up my neighbor With The massive thump That took place the 3 times I fell out of the pose !! It was really quite comical. And In That, I Learned my lesson for the day. I was not upset, dejected, self critical or partaking of any negative emotions. I fell, I tried, I “failed” and I enjoyed. If only I / We Could have That outlook on all things we encounter ….. Easier How much life would be !!

             So my reminder to you today is to explore, branch out, remember more of who you are and enjoy the journey, no matter how many times you fall.

   This morning’s practice

Ado Mukha Virasana


Surya Namaskar 20-25 mins





Ardha Baddha padmottanasana

Ado Mukha Svanasana



Supta Dandasana (with block and blankets)

With Paryankasana Block


Sarvangasana II



     ENJOY !!

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